1336 Kittens Nest
1336 Kittens are Nestled $19.99
White Ink on Forest Green

The Kittens were nestled all snug in their beds" you know the rest of the poem but did you ever think of kittens waiting for Santa Clause? Julie did. Santa visited her cats every christmas bringing cat toys, cat nip and ribbons.Christmas for the kittens was always a fun and festive night. Have fun wearing this shirt in a T Shirt or Sweat Shirt for those cold northern christmas evenings. This design looks great in this festive  Forest Green shirt color with White ink.

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 T Shirts Forest Green   Small-XLarge $19.99ea.    2XLg $21.99ea.   3XLg $22.99ea.

Sweat Shirts  Forest Green  Small-XXLarge $27.99ea. 

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