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AA1330 Apparel Ash
1330 Django Love & Prosperity $19.99
Brown Ink on Ash
The Gentle Giant Maine Coon Django brings you "Love & Prosperity" in a Ash Color T Shirt. Displaying the heart and fish ornate artwork

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AA1351 Apparel
1351 Bucky $19.99
Brown Ink on Natural
Great Artwork and a great shirt featuring the cat Bucky "All Gods Angels Come to us Disguised"

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AA1300 Apparel
1300 Angels Afoot Logo $19.99
White & Gold Ink on Black
Our comfy T Shirt printed with the Angels Afoot Logo design features the cat Django. Two color gold and white ink.

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AA1333 Apparel
1333 Kitty Babies In The Night $19.99
White Ink on Black
Julie's first litter of kittens at play...Emmy,Jasper,Rufus,Gracie,Hannah.

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AA1349 Apparel
1349 Tilly $19.99
White & Gold Ink on Black
Beautiful white maine coon cat with angel wings. "Peace" is the caption. This design was introduced on October 11,2001

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AA1338 SapphBlue Shr
1338 All Gods Angels Come $19.99
White Ink on Sapphire Blue
"All Gods Angels Come To Us Disguised" Our most popular Angels Afoot Design now in Sapphire Blue with white ink.

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AA1347 Apparel
1347 Rufus Luminious Eyes $19.99
White Ink on Turquoise
Spring Special this beautiful Turquoise shirt color..."Who can believe there is no soul behind those Luminous Eyes" Rufus a large Maine Coon Cat with piercing eyes.

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AA1340 Apparel
1340 Cat Lovers Unite $19.99
Green Ink on Ash
The cat Gabriel says "Cat Lovers Unite" by saying "Any person who dislikes cats was most certainly a rat in another incarnation." A popular T shirt in the Angels Afoot line of products.

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Graci Sonnet
New for 2019 Graci Sonnet $19.99
Black with White ink
Two cat Sisters, Graci and Hannah New for 2019

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AA1348 Apparel
1348 It's A Party $19.99
Red Ink on Light Pink
Everyone loves a party including kittens and mice. NOW ON SPECIAL FOR A LIMITED TIME! This whimsical tea party displays beautiful detailed artwork featuring the kittens, Ty & Mackey.

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AA1329 ApparelPhoebe
1329 Phoebe "Land of Nod" $19.99
White Ink on Black
Phoebe little kitty sitting on the moon, not a care in the world. Beautiful night time artwork beautiful in Black T Shirts with White ink.

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AA1336 Apparel
1336 "Kittens Nestled" $19.99
White Ink on Forest Green
"The Kittens were nestled all snug in their beds" Be the envy of all your friends with this perrrrfect christmas design T Shirt or Sweat Shirt.

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AA1337 Apparel
1337 Night Of Miracles $19.99
White Ink on Black
"On that Night of Miracles the most Glorious Star appeared in the Heavens" This Beautiful Christmas Design is Available in T Shirts and Sweat Shirts.

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AA1346 Apparel
1336 Cherished Companion $19.99
White & Pink Ink on Black
Cherished Companion features the cat " KK " who expresses the feeling that our time together is precious. "Cherished Companion Treasured is our time together" This is our Featured design for September!

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AA1338 Apparel Pink
1338 All Gods Angels $19.99
French Lavender Ink on Pink
All Gods Angels Come To Us Disguised... Our most popular design features 2 cat angels Casper & Lily.

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AA1331 Apparel
1331 Emmy Tranquil Repose $19.99
French Lavender Ink on Pink
Sweet Little Emmy is featured on this beautiful pink colored T shirt with french lavendar ink

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AA2014 Apparel
2014 Kittens At Play $19.99
Black Ink on Pink
The first in the "Kittens at Play" series by Julie Tichota

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AA 1341 Heavenly
1341 Heavenly Vigil $19.99
Black Ink on Pink
"Heavenly Vigil" Tinkerbelle and Woolie Bear in the night sky.

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Angels Afoot 1339
Kindly Friend $19.99
Black Shirt with White Ink
Our Beautiful 2 cats sit calmly to be admired by all. ..."Condescend here to sit by me."