About Us

“Julie’s Gift”

Everyone loves something.  In some way we all express what we love through gifts or talents. Julie Tichota loved cats. The expressions of her own cats became gifts to all of us. The pictures that she drew would be her talent and the gift will never end.

Julie Tichota grew up in Joplin Mo. Her love for the art would collide with her love for cats and the way she pictured her cats as her friends. Her cats were for her “angels in disguise” There are not many creatures that can be so mischievous and graceful at the same time.  Julie not only drew her cats as angels, she transformed them from their mortal state to canvas where they can play with stars, and swing on the moon forever.

In about 1993 she was diagnosed with cancer. As her health faded , she still seemed satisfied drawing her cats who were always beside her.

Everyone loves something. Whether it is a person, place, or thing, when what we love loves us back-we can potentially live forever in its memory.

Julie will always be with us,  Angels Afoot Designs is Julie’s gift for everyone….